Александр (boroda_v_nature) wrote,

У американских партаппаратчиков облом^с

То все инфант Трамп под ногами путался и мутил темную воду, а тут на тебе! Сицылист в Разюнайтед вылупился и начал тролить партЕйную Бастинду (Бастинду я у американского друга спер :))) )
Угар возрастает, и газетёнки тоже заметались в непонятках и льют заместо аналитеГи пустое .

Это NYTimes если что :)))

MANCHESTER, N.H. — Donald J. Trump and Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont harnessed working-class fury on Tuesday to surge to commanding victories in a New Hampshire primary that drew huge turnout across the state.

The success by two outsider candidates dealt a remarkable rebuke to the political establishment, and left the race deeply unsettled.
The win for Mr. Sanders amounted to a powerful and painful rejection of Hillary Clinton, who has deep history with New Hampshire voters and offered policy ideas that seemed to reflect the flinty, moderate politics of the state. But Mr. Sanders, who has proposed an emphatically liberal agenda to raise taxes and impose regulations on Wall Street, drew support from a wide cross-section of voters, even edging her out among women, boosted by his appeal to younger women.
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